Tuesday, July 19, 2022

In short, I am busy: Pre-kindergarten field trip (Lois Ehlert)

Playing in the kitchen. I've started including some
open playtime for kindergarteners in my field trips.
Kids going into kindergarten in the fall can do a summer school program called Kindergarten Here We come. As part of it, they take a field trip to the library. We have a new coordinator this year, and we agreed to keep it simple, plus the second session we used this for has a smaller group of kids (about 40).

Options for activities with the kids
  • Butterflies
    • Waiting for wings (extra story - Ten little caterpillars)
    • Emerging butterflies from Teaching with favorite Lois Ehlert books
    • Die-cut butterflies, markers, cut-down paper towel tubes, tape
    • Pompom caterpillars, glue dots (optional)
  • Rainbow (outdoors)
    • Planting a rainbow
    • Chalk (draw flowers on the sidewalk squares)
    • Additional activities
      • Water play
      • Bubbles
  • Matching magnets (Storyroom)
    • Oodles of animals; Lots of spots (extra story - Color Zoo)
    • Magnets (each kid gets 2 each of circles, squares, and strips)
    • Shaped stickers or construction paper shapes
    • Kids match up the stickers and magnets (they have to check on the magnetic chalkboard to put their stickers on the right side!) then match and make different shapes/animals
    • Older kids can cut and glue paper to fit their magnets
  • Collage art/Found Objects
    • Paper die cut into petal and leaf shapes, scrap paper
    • Tubs with seeds, and misc. found objects - need regular glue if using this
    • Markers, glue sticks
    • paper
  • 7-15-22
    • Notes: It rained again. It must be tradition at this point. I just took the scrap bins to the kids. It was interesting how some could work with no clear directions and some couldn't handle it. It helped to have pictures that could be cut out and pasted for the kids that needed something more concrete.
  • 6-19-19
    • Notes: It threatened rain and we hauled everything to the school, replacing open playtime/outdoor play with the activity kit beading bags and the snack as a session instead of at the end.

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