Wednesday, September 21, 2022

In short, I am busy: STEM challenge: Building

Overall project: Cardboard Engineering

I usually have a separate project and experiment, but this doesn't lend itself well to that. I had a large board up with instructions for the kids
  1. Think: What are you making?
  2. Plan: Draw a plan! Collect supplies!
  3. Measure = 2, Cut = 1
  4. Build!
Don't have what you need? Didn't work? Back to step 1!

I've also tried cardboard squares for building - it didn't work quite right, but I probably didn't get the squares cut correctly.


  • Cardboard (every box for the last month and then some!)
  • Duct tape, packing tape, regular tape
  • Scissors, hole punches, staplers
  • Pencils, scratch paper, rulers
  • Markers and stickers
  • Duct tape. Lots and lots of duct tape
  • Cardboard boxes. Many, many cardboard boxes
  • Lots of little pasteboard sticks (donated)
  • Shape stickers, colored masking tape, yarn
  • Scissors, regular tape, staplers
Project/Experiment: Bridges
  • Supplies
    • Cardboard/boxes
    • Books on bridges
    • Popsicle sticks (2 sizes)
    • Yarn
    • Tape (regular, duct tape, packing tape)
    • Scissors (big and small)
    • Glue dots
    • Staplers, hole punches
Experiment: Pendulums
  • Supplies
    • Playground balls, sensory balls, ladders, yarn etc. to hang them with
    • Blocks
  • How it works
    • I got this idea from a defunct blog. Basically we hung the playground balls from a ladder and swung them to knock over block towers. It didn't work perfectly, mostly because I had trouble getting the balls attached to the ladder but the kids really liked it.
Project/Experiment: Cardboard Mini City
  • Supplies
    • Recyclables including a vast number of boxes
    • Scissors, regular and heavy-duty, xacto knives, hot glue
    • Masking and duct tape
    • Acrylic paint, ice cube trays, paint brushes
  • Resources
    • I adapted this from Art Workshop for Children by Barbara Rucci
  • How it works
    • I showed kids (and their parents) pictures in the book of some sample mini cities. Then they came up with their own creations!

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