Sunday, January 29, 2023

This week at the library

We had ~100 people at the early literacy night
and two reptiles. The best part of it was that I
didn't have to do any of the work!


  • Snow science
  • Paws to Read
  • Dungeons and Dragons (cancelled - board game night instead)
  • Family Storytime (2 sessions)
  • Library on the Go (3 1st grade visits)
  • Family fun drop-in
  • Pokemon Club
  • Winter Wigglers
  • Project Explore
  • Early Literacy Night (nonfiction)
  • Kids Make It
 - I was out on Monday for the last day of my week off. It was very exciting. I got my first mammogram and started coming down with yet another sinus infection. We managed a bit of snow this weekend and a little more on Wednesday too, although still nowhere near normal levels. I can still see the grass!! By the end of the week we had gotten a decent amount though (and you can ignore all those jokes about southerners not knowing how to drive on snow, trust me midwesterners are just as bad!)
 - In addition to programs, outreach, catching up on school requests, emails, etc., and getting ready for February programs, I had a meeting with the YS staff and our school colleague to review programs and spend a Walmart grant, a meeting with the county YS librarians that I started organizing last fall, a managers' meeting, and I'm getting ready for our first strategic plan committee meeting, probably happening next week. I also have carts and boxes of new books to deal with, but that might have to wait!

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