Wednesday, November 29, 2023

When Dad's hair took off by Jorg Muhle

Gecko Press's books are always unique. Not always something that will appeal to my audience, but always something different. They've recently done a handful of quirky, hilarious chapter books that have, I think, fairly wide appeal and this falls into that category.

Dad, a white man with a quiff of brown hair, opens the story looking at himself in the bathroom mirror, having just finished brushing his hair. A few brief sentences explain that "Dad's hair was sick of being brushed and combed." So, it takes off. On the next page a bald Dad, small hairs radiating around him like confetti, shrieks out "Horrors!" the word blazoned on a yellow facing page. The rest of the story plays out the joke, with Dad, adding a blue bathrobe to his ensemble, chasing his hair through increasingly convoluted and weird situations. Finally, he gives up, resigned to growing a beard and "all the other hair that nobody needs-in his ears and nose for example." He glares at the postcards his hair sends from other countries but finally, one stormy day, his hair returns and the story ends with a dad-worthy pun.

The deadpan delivery of the brief sentences and goofy cartoons make this a silly story that will appeal to a wide audience. It will probably fit best in beginning chapter collections, due to it's length, but I'd also recommend it as a read-aloud and a quick, funny read for kids (and adults) who want a laugh.

Verdict: This is the kind of quirky book that is not necessarily a classic, but will stick in kids' heads as a favorite childhood read-aloud. Fortunately, it should be fairly easy to track down when it starts showing up in stumpers ten years down the road! Recommended.

ISBN: 9781776575206; Published September 2023 by Gecko Press; Review copy provided by publisher; Donated to the library

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