Saturday, September 16, 2017

This week at the library; or, I am feeling a little frantic

have a dahlia. the pictures of the epic battle of my window
spider vs. an ant are elsewhere.
What's happening
I'm still working on streamlining and making detailed instructions for the marketing, specifically flyers, in-house marketing, and school marketing. I had a small but enthusiastic group at Messy Art Club - but of course this is sparking off all my program anxieties. Realistically, I know that school has just started, that there was not much marketing going into September, that the change from Thursday to Tuesday was not heavily marketed, and that people pack as much outdoor sports into the beginning of the semester, before winter hits, as they can. But I still freak out. I only had 1 child at We Explore (I reopened the room about an hour and a half later and repeated the storytime with 2 families) and our circ is down as well. I don't expect this to improve; I'm not doing my regular outreach this fall and so will have lost those connections as well. At least book club started off well - several kids who couldn't make it came to get books (or were given books. same difference) and we had our first teen maker kit checkout on Friday.

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