Saturday, July 6, 2013

This week at the library; or, Breathing Space!

Random Commentary
  • Several years ago I decided not to have any programs during the July 4th week. This still catches people by surprise, but having that little breathing space in the summer is important. Besides, Pattie is gone because she goes by the school schedule and I can't possibly sub for all her programs!
  • I was still at ALA on Monday, but lots of work awaited me on Tuesday. Even though we don't have programs it's busy, busy, busy, all week long!
  • June numbers were very good and July is looking good as well for summer reading
    • 39 teens so far (only had 20 last year)
    • over 400 kids ages 3-12
  • On Friday we had the Stuffed Animal Sleepover. It takes a couple hours to take all the photos - we had 42 animals this year (note that the photo album is linked to the program above, but it's not done - I'll edit it and add more photos on Monday) and our cataloger and I took about two hours to do all the pics, then our director developed and organized the pictures for the kids to take home.
  • It feels like a picture-ish week. Have some pictures.
Teen display put together by my aide. Only use we made of the CSLP art for teens this summer.
My library book to read shelf

My review books and misc. to read shelves

My sort of currently reading shelves. The white shelves and the stack of picture books and the stack of comics. The regularly shelved books are just...books.

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