Tuesday, October 3, 2017

There might be lobsters by Carolyn Crimi, illustrated by Laurel Molk

Funny author Crimi teams up with Molk's gentler watercolors for a sweet and hilarious tale of getting over your fears.

Sukie, a pudgy little brown and white puppy, is worried about going to the beach. Eleanor, her person, leaps into the waves with unbridled enthusiasm, but Sukie prefers to stay safely at the top of the stairs with Chunka Monka. There are just too many things she's worried about! "and, besides, there might be lobsters."

Eleanor manages to coax Sukie down to the beach (ok, she actually carries her...) but it's not until Chunka Munka is in danger, swept out to sea, that Sukie overcomes her fears to save her friend. Happy to have saved her friend and proved she can be brave, Sukie spends the rest of the day safely away from the water, watching for lobsters.

Molk's soft watercolors still capture the humor of the story while being sympathetic to nervous little Sukie. Eleanor is an exuberant companion, from her curly hair to her flying feet, while Sukie cuddles up in a little ball with her precious Chunka Munka. The ocean isn't particularly dark or scary, but readers and listeners who have their own fears to battle will relate to Sukie's nervousness about the unknown expanse of water. There's also a background of humorous antics by the seagulls!

Verdict: Sweet, funny, and with a light touch of diversity in the people seen on the beach - not only racially but also in age and body type - this is sure to be a favorite summer read for many families.

ISBN: 9780763675424; Published 2017 by Candlewick; Borrowed from another library in my consortium

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