Monday, March 20, 2023

Browsing the beginning chapter books: Frog meets dog by Janee Trasler

Genre: Humor

Protagonists: Animals, gender not identified

Reading Level: F

Series: Three titles, part of the larger Acorn imprint

Originally reviewed in August 2020

Review: Three bulgy-eyed frogs look askance at a friendly brown dog. "Dog wants to play." Dog tries to play with the frogs, but ends in failure every time. The frogs tell her to "Go" and she sadly walks away... but when a bear shows up she returns and her play-fails save the day! The frogs are ready to play now, but it will take some help for them to figure out a way for Dog to join in their play. Dog realizes at the very end that there are a few things frogs do that she might not want to join in with, like eating flies!

Full-page art is broken up with speech bubbles and simple sentences, some in larger or smaller font. Some of the text is against a brown (dirt) background and more difficult to read. There is a quick tutorial in the back on drawing the frogs and the simple art is humorous and appealing. Kids will giggle over Dog's flops and failures, especially when she gets peppered all over with red wasp stings.

Verdict: A funny addition to the Acorn series, sure to please young readers and their caregivers. A must-have for your easy readers or beginning chapter sections.

Revisited: These are still popular, but it's too bad only three were made. On the other hand, there's only so many -og rhyming words, and Trasler has a new comic easy reader series coming out that showcases her humor well. These are still worth purchasing if you missed them the first time around though.

ISBN: 9781338540390; Published May 2020 by Scholastic; Purchased two copies for the library

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