Sunday, March 19, 2023

This week at the library

Working on patterns with two sewers.


  • Paws to Read
  • Family Storytime (2 sessions)
  • Family Fun (drop-in)
  • Pokemon Club
  • Library on the Go outreach
  • We Explore Nature
  • Lakeland School Field Trip
  • Project Explore
  • Late Bookaneers
  • TAB
  • Kids Make It: Sewing
  • One of my associates was out on Monday and a teen aide supervised Paws to Read. Despite me accidentally shocking the poor puppy before we started, everything went fine with only one little accident. Miss Esther thrilled the kids with two shark storytimes, and staff bravely dealt with the earworm of Baby Shark. One of my associates runs We Explore Nature and then repeats it for the Lakeland School group (local special education school) and the attendees really liked this week's program. It's a quieter, more laid-back program than our Tuesday/Thursday family storytime and it's great to have different styles of programs to offer. I had a smaller group at Project Explore, and one which wasn't really comfortable with the amount of initiative needed to fully experience the program, but they did have fun with modeling clay and paint and we actually had some teens - one taught my associate how to knit and a group of three siblings came near the end and got very into beading and checked out the maker kit to take with them. I had two kids at Late Bookaneers - I think people do prefer the later evening time, but they need more prior notice to fit it into their schedules. I've gotten several girl scouts very into sewing since their session last month and they came back to do more work at Kids Make It - two girls are trying out the Turn Tunic from Sewing School and it's a learning experience for all of us!
  • I was out Tuesday afternoon, since I worked the desk Saturday, which turned out pretty busy. The temperatures dropped and a lot of people came in to warm up or just explore the library. I've been working on data collection and organization for the strategic plan, and I took a little break from the never-ending nightmare of the missing/lost list to rebuild some of our Pinterest boards. We also finished moving the shelves and furniture in a small reorganization. The dvds moved down a shelf, all the maker kits are together on a long shelf with more room, and we opened up the central area and (hopefully) gave the teens a smaller space but one that the adults won't infringe on quite as much.
Projects for next week: Continue work on Pinterest pages and lost/missing list, rough out more of the summer reading handout/log, plan at least 2 more summer activity kits, start trying to narrow down a date for the 5th grade science show.

Read, to review:
  • Quest kids and the dragon: Pants of gold
  • Finn Feline Frenemy
  • Astrid the Astronaut: Robot Rebellion
  • The Tree and the River by Aaron Becker
  • One World by Nicola Davies
  • Dear Yesteryear
  • In a patch of grass
  • Apple Pie Picnic
Review copies to read:
  • Flying horse
  • Lotus Island: The guardian test
  • World's worst time machine
  • Unicorn Island: Beyond the portal
  • Nayra and the Djinn
  • The bright side
  • Mama Shamsi
  • City Beet
  • Benny the bananasaurus
  • Fearless farm boy
  • All in a day
  • Henry the snail
  • There is a cow in my bed
  • Who ate what?
  • Very good hats
  • Skull cat
  • Survival Scout by Eaton

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