Monday, November 29, 2021

All the water in the world by George Ella Lyon, illustrated by Katherine Tillotson

 [Originally published in 2011]

Like Swirl by Swirl, This is another beautifully illustrated, lyrically written title about an aspect of nature. This time, it’s the water cycle. George Ella Lyon’s beautiful poem about the amazing beauty of water and the water cycle is perfectly spread out over Katherine Tillotson’s digital illustrations on handmade paper. The poem has a warm, friendly feel, “Everything waits/for an open gate/in a wall of clouds/for rain sweet and loud/to fill the well/and start the stream/Honey/living things dream/of water/for all to drink/use in tub or sink/wash in, splash in.” 

Tillotson’s illustrations show the progression of water through the water cycle as well as droughts, but her illustrations also explode with the life that comes from water, with a spray of droplets and waves hiding animals and people in its splashes. The book ends with an exhortation to conserve water and keep earth green for everyone.

Verdict: This is a great way to introduce very young children to the water cycle as well as being a fun and lovely read-aloud. I successfully used it with my pre-kindergarten classes last summer and they loved the exuberant language and details in the pictures. The text is integrated into the illustrations, so you’ll need to practice reading this aloud as it’s not always easy to follow the words. Highly recommended.

Revisited: Still in print and still an excellent choice.

ISBN: 978-1416971306; Published March 2011 by Atheneum; Borrowed from the library; Purchased for the library

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