Sunday, May 21, 2023

In short, I am busy: 1st grade field trip Stick to reading

Storytime 10-15 minutes
  • If you time this right, the kids can draw on the back of their bingo sheets while they listen.
  • Selections
    • Fox in the library by Lorenz Pauli
    • The Midnight library by Kazuno Kohara
  • Both stories work well for discussing different things/places in the library
Bingo Scavenger Hunt 15-20 minutes
  • Explain how the game works
    • Stay in the children's area
    • Try not to run and yell
    • Mark off the pictures on your bingo sheet with the crayon, then get a sticker and turn your crayon in for a penny for the wishing well
  • The bingo game is a bunch of pictures of things in the children's area, scrambled. We usually have to redo it each time b/c things change.
  • You can either have them find everything and get one sticker or actually mark off lines of pictures and get multiple stickers. Depends on how much time you have.
  • I like to offer the kids free playtime if possible, in the play area and/or Storyroom.
  • Make sure you mark off the children's area with tape lines so they know where to stay.
  • You need to know the teachers - this can get chaotic and some aren't comfortable with that.
  • Have a whistle on hand to call everyone back.
  • 5-19-23
    • This tour has to be adapted a little when doing it with an entire grade, ~60 kids. We start in the Community Center where we read the stories, then the kids spread out to the tables for tape/sticker art. While they work on the art project, my associate and aide took groups of about 10 over to the library for their scavenger hunt; they only had about 5 minutes per group because of the size.
    • We marked the area off with tape beforehand and for art the kids all got a piece of white paper, and access to stickers, tape, and markers. I bought a couple sets of plain shape stickers and washi tape just for this tour.
    • It would have helped to have an activity for those who finished their art project, but we had put the Lego bin on the scavenger hunts and didn't think to bring a different Lego bin over. Next time we'll draw an X on the kids and then let them play with Legos when they get restless. We didn't have time for pennies with this group. I'll hopefully remember that for the second group that comes next week.

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