Sunday, May 21, 2023

In short, I am busy: Kindergarten Field Trip Michael Hall

Library tour etc.
  • I don't do a full tour until 2nd grade; for four year old kindergarten and up, I take the kids the long way through the library so they see things of interest (our library pets etc.) but we don't do a specific tour.
  • If at all possible, I allow free play time in our play area and/or the Storyroom
  • We always put pennies in the wishing well, if time allows.
  • The best Michael Hall titles for this age and art project are
    • Perfect Square
    • My heart is like a zoo
    • Little i
    • Frankencrayon
    • It's an orange aardvark
Art activities
  • Creating with shapes
    • Provide rulers and/or objects to trace shapes on paper
    • Scissors to cut out the shapes
    • Use the cut out shapes to create new pictures with glue sticks
  • Collage
    • Precut shapes, including hearts
    • Scissors, markers, glue sticks
    • Paper, including heavy cardstock or cardboard for the base
    • Encourage kids to keep creating even if they make "mistakes" and to rip as well as cut
  • 5-19-23
    • Been a while since I've done this one! I did it twice with two full grades, ~60 kids each. I started with the whole group in the Community Center, talked about what we were going to do, read them It's an orange aardvark, Perfect Square, and My heart is like a zoo and then we had them go to the tables. I actually had an extra row (four rows of two each) but they were too close together and the kids got trapped in the chairs. I sent a side of a table (~10 kids) at a time over to the library with my associate and an aide and they did a 5 minute tour then put pennies in the wishing well on the way back. I had extra books and the big Lego bin for those who finished their art project. One thing that got very confusing was the kids leaving the tables to go to the Legos and then I didn't know which had one on tour yet or not. Next year I'll grab a marker and give them all different colored Xs and then I can separate them out more easily.
    • Each kid got a piece of pink construction paper (I had extra), two paper hearts, and access to the scissors, glue sticks, and all our scrap bin paper, including old magazines and calendars. I had markers for the teachers to write the kids' names on their art.
  • 6-27-18
    • Note: I had done this with kindergarteners in the morning, I was exhausted, I didn't expect a large group. I just did the second half - storytime and collage art. At least, I planned to. Nobody came (except for 2 people at 30 minutes past). I was ok, b/c I was desperately trying to get ready for Saturday.
  • 5-25-18 School field trip
    • Note: I adapted this to use with approximately 80 2nd graders. We read It's an orange aardvark, Perfect square, and Frankencrayon. I had scissors, markers, cardstock, and paper on the tables and they spent about 30 minutes creating. I saw paper airplanes, 3d butterflies, paper books, unicorns, cut-out items, and more!
  • 7-20-17 School Visit
    • Notes: The regular program last week was cancelled due to flooding. I took it to 3 school classes. We did the storytime first, then passed out paper and they made pictures with the paper and glue sticks. The first class had art boxes, but the others didn't and they actually did really well just ripped and did really well with that.
  • 7-13-16
    • Attendance: 8
    • Notes: I think mostly adults got really into this one. One kid did really get the idea of ripping and tearing a shape into new shapes.

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