Saturday, May 7, 2022

In short, I am busy: Fairy Tale Adventure

 I hope to eventually adapt this as a Dungeons and Dragons adventure perhaps.

Balloon monsters are always popular
    Enchanted Forest (lobby)
    Create wings and masks

    • Cardboard wings from Discount School Supply
    • Cardboard and paper masks (die cut)
    • Decorations
    • Large popsicle sticks
    • Regular tape, staples, scissors, glue dots, glue
    • Wipes, paper towels
    Deep in the Enchanted Forest (community room)
    Half of the community room was set up to make swords (and decorate shields they collected on their journey) the other half was for fighting balloon monsters.

    • Pasteboard strips (donated)
    • Duct tape (silver, gold, grey)
    • Balloons, markers
    Gingerbread house (storyroom)
    This was for puppet and block play with a few extra crafts.

    • Die-cut gingerbread people
    • Markers, crayons, glitter glue
    • Pencils (for wands)
    • Ribbon
    • Tape, scissors
    Fairy Tale Journey (throughout library)
    This needs to be updated.

    Photo album of event can be found on the library's Facebook page. (includes pictures of staff and set-up)

    • 11-5-16
      • Attendance: 50
      • Marketing: Flyers to schools, press release to paper, included on 4K handouts, FB posts each day of the week leading up, flyers in library
      • Notes: The turn-out was disappointing, but the great weather meant most people were just running in and out or making quick stops. I think as we continue to do this it will grow.
      • Next year: More specific marketing to schools; eventually make specific table cloths for event; More Enchanted Forest and other decorations; More activity stations; Facepaint; felt gingerbread man puppets to decorate
    • 11-7-15
    • original gingerbread house
      • Attendance: 150 (estimated)
      • Feedback/Connections: Several families from 4K came - I sent dragons home with the kids. They were new to the library and we had several people get cards. I got some teens to do the scavenger hunt and maybe promise to help next year. Lots of positive comments and people wanting to know if we'll be doing this next year.
      • Notes: Our first year was a big success! We're going to arrange things a little differently next time and I want to add more stuff to the Fairy Tale Journey (we had a long discussion about whether kids would actually know the tales - they didn't - but I wanted them to find new ones anyways). Makenna ran the gingerbread house, Jess ran the Enchanted Forest, and I circulated and covered the journey and storyroom.

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