Wednesday, May 18, 2022

In short, I am busy: New Year's Eve Noon Party

  • Program Goals
    • We're almost never open the Saturday before New Year's. It just doesn't fall that way. I wanted to try a New Year's Eve Noon party as it looked fun. Of course, we had a dramatic drop in temperatures, numerous crises, and I was exhausted. But it was still fun!
  • Photo booth
    • Capes, dress-up clothes, paper and sticks to make fake mustaches etc.
    • Candyland and other photo op cardboard cut-outs
    • Digital cameras
  • Dance station
    • tv, chromecast, ipad
    • bubbles, ribbon wands, hula hoops
    • Noisemakers (bought in bulk)
  • Balloon drop
    • Parachute, chairs, tall staff
    • At noon we took the parachute, pre-filled with balloons, and "popped" it
  • Party hats
    • Markers, tape, staples
  • Star wands
    • Leftover vistafoil (like contact paper), popsicle sticks, confetti
  • Misc. crafts
    • pipe cleaners, pom poms
  • 12-30-17
    • Attendance: 65
    • Notes: Well, clearly this was popular! We couldn't get the Prime video I wanted to show to sync with the ChromeCast, so we just showed utube dance videos - mostly Laurie Berkner. I had my aide put all the jingle bells in balloons to surprise the kids when they found them (they were thrilled). We did end up having some snacks - I put them out at the end. A staff member dropped us off some rice krispie treats and I got out goldfish. People weren't really into the costumes for the photo ops, but I think I'd still have it again. The kids liked blowing their own bubbles. Mostly for the first half hour people crafted and then at noon we threw out all the balloons (I thought we had a giant parachute, but we only had a small one) and the kids played with them, the hula hoops, and the noisemakers.
    • It was nice that we started at 11:30 - this is a busier time in the library on Saturday and it meant my staff and I didn't have to show up early and hustle. It was a pretty easy, laid-back program and everyone had fun!

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