Wednesday, May 4, 2022

In short, I am busy: Owl Diaries: Warm Hearts Day

Made all by herself (with a little help)
  • Owl softies
    • Die cut felt pieces, hand-cut felt pieces, stuffing
    • Embroidery thread, needles, scissors
  • Owls
    • Die cut paper owls (wings, beak, eyes are separate)
    • paint, paper, glues sticks
  • Warm Hearts
    • Die cut hearts (used leftover marbled paper and handmade paper and gold sticker paper)
    • Paper and leftover cards and envelopes
    • Paint
  • 2-8-19
    • Attendance: 11
    • Notes: I had 2 other staff helping and we mostly sewed the owls ourselves while the girls played with the paint. A handful of younger girls (K-2nd) and a few toddlers came. We are still recovering from several weeks of traumatic weather and I think I should have marketed this more.

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