Friday, May 20, 2022

In short, I am busy: Story Celebration

 This is just a loose mixture of crafts and activities for Children's Book Week. Several of them are adapted from Mo Willems/Elephant and Piggie programs from the past.

Activity: Let's Go for a Drive

  • Description: Kids decorate boxes and "drive" them up and down the tiled lobby, powered by teenagers, each other, and their grown-ups. We use masking tape to make road lines.
  • Books from the transportation neighborhood
  • Supplies
    • masking tape
    • B&T boxes
    • stickers and markers
Activity: Show your sparkle
  • Description: A staff member helps kids make tutus and wands using hot glue (we've sewed these in the past, but I don't have someone to handle the sewing machine). We'll hot glue tulle to ribbons to make tutus/cloaks.
  • Supplies
    • colored tulle, sewing scissors, ribbon
    • hot glue, glue dots
    • dowels, stars die-cut from glitter paper
  • Books
    • Itty-bitty kitty-corn, Julian is a mermaid, Princess Truly, plus unicorn, mermaid, and fairy books.
Activity: Rainbow animals
  • "No-Mess" version: Description: A staff member stands by with the die cut machine and a selection of animal and shape dies. As requested, they cut shapes and then the kids "paint" them with bleeding art tissue paper.
  • "Messy" version: Description: Die cut diffusing paper shapes, paint with liquid watercolors (in ice cube trays)
  • Books: Eric Carle books
  • Supplies
    • Die cut machine on cart, dies
    • White construction paper
    • Bleeding art tissue paper, paint brushes, water bowls
    • Plastic for tables, sink to rinse hands, aprons and towels, paper towels
Activity: What kind of hero are you?
  • Description: Decorate superhero masks.
  • Books: Zero the hero, Superhero ABC, Timothy and the strong pajamas, books about being kind etc.
  • Supplies
    • Die cut masks (it's a butterfly shape)
    • Thin ribbon and jumbo popsicle sticks (to tie on or hold up the masks). Tape.
    • Markers, glue sticks, sequins, glitter paper scraps
Activity: Elephant and Piggie puppets
  • Description: Pre-cut pieces to make brown paper bag puppets.
  • Books: Elephant and Piggie
  • Supplies
    • Pre-cut and printed Elephant and Piggie puppet pieces
    • glue sticks, markers
Activity: Storytelling Math
  • Description: Activities to tie in with the Storytelling Math series. Beads and pipe cleaners go with making patterns and snacks with dividing/measuring/comparing.
  • Books: Storytelling Math and Pitter Pattern
  • Supplies
    • Beads, pipe cleaners, bowls for the beads
    • Cookies, cereal, small cups, napkins

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