Saturday, May 14, 2022

In short, I am busy: Zoey and Sassafras, magic and science

green tulle cloak, Sassafras fuzzy friend
and blue unicorn slime

I'd like to revisit this in a more organized fashion in the future. Slime is still popular and with more time I could come up with a better range of projects.


  • Unicorn slime
    • We used liquid starch and borax, but I don't have the recipe anymore
    • We added shaving cream and food coloring and played around with it.
  • Tutus
    • I had ribbon and fabric tape and a lot of tulle. I helped the kids pin their tulle choices to the ribbon and then zigzag stitched them on. We made both capes and tutus.
  • Caterflies/magical fluffy friends
    • Pompoms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, glue dots

I also had our microscope out for the kids to use and several enjoyed looking at that.


  • 3-1-19
    • Attendance: 40?
    • Notes: Everyone wanted to make slime and we had way more people than expected. I stopped counting around 20 and it felt like we had 60 people packed in there, but it was probably around 40. I printed out a handout with Zoey and Sassafras books on it but not many people took it. I had my two aides and a volunteer for part of the time, but people did not want to leave and they were still showing up at 5:30! Next time I do this I'll be firmer about an ending time, do it in the community room for more space, and factor in more cleaning time.

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