Tuesday, August 2, 2022

In short, I am busy: Art workshop: Collage

 Program Goals

  • Encourage creativity and problem-solving
  • Allow children to experience different art products and styles
  • Develop fine motor abilities
    • Scrapbook paper
    • Construction paper
    • Handmade paper (donated from a patron)
    • Paper and tissue scraps
    • Construction paper
    • Recycled cardstock for bases
    • Old magazines
    • Decorations - feathers, sparkly things
    • Die cuts - precut
    • Puzzle pieces
    • Glue, scissors, tape, staplers, hole punches, pencils

    • 10-27-16 (monster collage)
      • Attendance: 56
      • Supplies: cardboard strips as base, googly eyes, pompoms, handmade paper and scraps, markers, glue, stapler, q-tips (for dipping out glue)
      • Notes: People were very enthusiastic about this one.
    • 10-6-16 (leaf art)
      • Attendance: 48
      • Notes: I set up an intro table like at Lego Club with books and a whiteboard with the day's project. I think it worked well. We had a lot of leaves donated which was good since I forgot to collect any.
    • 7-14-16 (puzzle pieces)
      • Attendance: 43
      • Notes: This was about 10 puzzles and we had lots of pieces left over. We had a hot glue gun station and that got a little exciting, but most kids just glued the regular way.
    • 1-14-16
      • Attendance: 30
      • Notes: Book Sale week, so it was crammed into the storyroom. I have no real idea of how many people came because I spent most of it in a desperate hunt for a child's responsible adult, along with a large number of police officers. This has not been a good week.
    • 5-7-15
      • Attendance: 14
      • Feedback/Connections: A grandfather who's been bringing his grandsons told me how much they appreciated my programs and that it was clear I loved what I did. Had one family who was completely new to the library, I think, had just gotten cards.
      • Notes: The weather was against me and I think it confused people that there was no May calendar.
    • 5-8-14
      • Attendance: 26
      • Notes:  I made this the end of semester program, since it fits in well with Mother's Day coming up. I have an aide to help me during after school clubs now, so I put her in charge of the die cut machine. We got the paper scraps bins all cleaned out and the die cuts reorganized, since it was a pretty small group.
    • 11-12-13
      • Attendance: 50
      • Notes: This is the easiest (albeit a bit messy) Messy Art Club. Basically, I put out tons of stuff and we make collages. To my great relief, we had a huge group - about 50 people - so it was just normal ebb and flow that the last two clubs had lower than usual attendance.
    • 4-11-13
      • Attendance: 35
      • Notes: I wanted something simple after all the big programs we've been doing and this seemed like a nice, cheerful program for a rainy week. Everyone had a nice time and it was very peaceful, just fiddling about with paper while the rain pattered down. We did have a little not-fast-enough-to-the-potty accident near the end, but I'd rather clean up pee than paint, so whatever. I was rather surprised to see how many new people we had. A whole slew of moms, babysitters, and girls came so it looks like my word-of-mouth and marketing has paid off. I was excited that a couple kids I think are from the special education school showed up! I have worked hard to make sure my programs are accessible for kids with different abilities and also to make sure parents and kids know they are welcome at the library. After the big school group that came for the Clifford party I'm hoping they will tell their parents how much fun the library is and their parents/caregivers will realize the library is a place for everybody.
    • 1-17-13
      • Attendance: 40
      • Notes: Normally, we always start a program session with Lego Club. However, this week is our winter book and bake sale, beginning with a members-only preview sale on Thursday, so I have to hold after school club in the Storyroom and there's really not room for Lego Club. Plus, for a while I was going to be on the desk, then I wasn't, then I was, so I planned something that didn't necessarily need me to supervise. About 35-40 people came. A bit cramped, but everyone had fun. Lots of glittery/sparkly things, they especially liked cutting up the magazines. One kid found some elm beetles to add to his giant taped-together paper robot. He assured me that they had "died quickly after I taped them on".

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