Friday, February 10, 2023

Art with Heart

I am trying to have one Saturday program a month, without completely overwhelming myself, and whatever my personal feelings (they are many and mostly negative) people do like Valentine's Day programs. The colleague from the school district I used to work with did a big Valentine's Day party every February and the new person in that role was planning to switch to a candy science program, but had to reschedule it to an evening event. So, I did an art event.

I had a staff member pull a lot of the materials the night before, it took us about an hour to set up, and in addition to my aide I had 2-3 volunteers. Due to additional scheduling issues, I had to end promptly at 11am, shove everything into the smaller half of our community center, and then had a different aide (and volunteer) handle the clean-up.

It wasn't a very large turn-out - 26 - but that was due to circumstances beyond my control. The subzero temperatures broke the night before and almost everyone went to Winterfest and/or the Ice Castles in the neighboring town. I'd do this again next year, but I'd book the community room the night before so I could set up ahead of time and have it open for much longer so people could wander in and out.

I set everything up either as supply stops or art stations and in addition to the supplies for each of those brought over our portable sink, aprons, towels, paper towels, and covered our tables with plastic.

One of my volunteers makes paper flowers

She explained that she was NOT painting her
 fingers, just her hand

A tween volunteer's sample pastel and watercolor resist

A four year old's creation at the sticker/tape table

Splattered paint heart card

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