Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Farm boots by Lisl H. Detlefsen, illustrated by Renee Kurilla

I have to admit that this book brought back painful childhood memories for me. Never, ever, have I gotten boots, not even the cute galoshes my anglophile heart longed for. My feet, even when I was young and lissome, simply don't fit in boots (or anything that tries to cross over my abnormally high instep) so I read this with a nostalgic sigh for what might have been.

Boots! When you live on a farm, there are boots for every season and lots of different activities. Snow boots, work boots, rubber boots, clogs, galoshes, riding boots, and more. Horizontal strips show a variety of children and adults in their boots mucking out stalls, collecting eggs, playing outside, harvesting food, and finally passing on their boots to the next child in size.

Simple text and bright, colorful pictures make this an ideal read-aloud for young children and a glossary at the back explains the different types of farm boots, what they are made of and how they are used.

Verdict: Whether or not you live in a farming community, this offers a cheerful look at a rural lifestyle with plenty of animals, weather, seasons, and clothing for kids to pick out. This is a strong choice for any library that offers storytime for toddler audiences and a must-have pick for those in rural communities.

ISBN: 9781948898119; Published March 2023 by Feeding Minds Press; Review copy provided by publisher

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