Sunday, February 5, 2023

This week at the library

Sample art made by one of my volunteers


  • Paws to Read
  • Family Storytime (2 sessions)
  • Family Fun (drop-in)
  • Pokemon Club
  • Outreach storytimes, kindergarten (4 sessions)
  • Winter Wigglers
  • Project Explore
  • Bookaneers
  • Outreach - reading night
  • TAB
  • Art with Heart
 - I determined last week to stop working at home, or at least cut back. It does mean quite a bit more work is going undone, but nothing too horrible has happened yet, regards library work anyways. Otherwise, this week was not, generally speaking, a good one. Our school district, still grieving for a student who died by suicide last fall, lost another student over the weekend in a car accident. This was devasting for everyone, from his family (who lost an older child to suicide some years ago) to me personally, as he was one of my regular middle schoolers back in the day. He had a great sense of humor, a very sweet kid, and so much potential that is lost now.
 - On the work side, patrons in general seem to be Very Unhappy this week and not shy about letting us know. We're getting ready for our first strategic plan meeting on Saturday, immediately after my art program, and it's somewhat stressful for all of us involved. A lot of us are dealing with Life Stuff and would prefer not to adult anymore please and thank you.
 - We did have generally well-attended and successful programs, I got through a lot of work including numerous reports and data summaries and book deliveries.
 - I'll write up the Saturday, Art with Heart program later. It was a small turn-out, mostly due to circumstances beyond my control - weather warmed up and most people were in the next town over at the ice castles and/or snow sculptures and we had to cut it short because we needed the room for the strategic plan committee meeting. Next year/time I do this I'll spread it out more and let people come and go.

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