Monday, January 3, 2011

Nonfiction Monday: A seed is sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston, illustrated by Sylvia Long

Have I mentioned how much I love nonfiction read-alouds? I do, I do. This is a lovely new one that I discovered, with beautifully exact art by Sylvia Long. Large cursive text on each spread gives one statement about a seed "A seed is naked" for example. A few smaller paragraphs on the pages expand on the sentence, explaining how a seed travels, germinates, and what a seed is in simple language children preschool through 3rd grade will appreciate. Ruth Heller's The Reason for a Flower remains my favorite, but if, like me, you received the one that had been library bound with the pages out of order or you need additional resources on this topic, this lovely new book may be just the thing.

Verdict: Recommended

ISBN:978-0811855204; Published March 2007 by Chronicle; Borrowed from the library


Playing by the book said...

My new seed catalogue for this year has just arrived in the post and I can't wait to sit down and savour it, choose what I'm going to grow this year. And when I order my seeds my fingers might just "slip" and order this one too! Thanks Jennifer :-)

Jennifer said...

They have an egg and a butterfly one too - Sylvia Long's illustrations are sooooo pretty!